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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Start, Rewind, loop to the end

Hahaha, Thought I'd start my blog again, just read my last post and to be honest with you that feels like a whole like time ago. Since then I've gone off into the big bad world of permanent employment... handed in my resignation the other day, moving to Dublin in a week and a bit to start a new job. I'm a career bitchin kid now! Outa my way fools!

To be perfectly honest I think I've found a job that I think I launch a career out of and go see a lot of the places in the world I want to see as part of that job. So its win win for everyone. Plus the money is way better.

The last three months have been interesting in the way that I guess I've grown up from being the foolish student, to being the not so serious professional. Its damn weird I wanna go out and go mad as usual but I have that angel on my shoulder going "You got work in the morning you tool".

Anyway, I'm kind of panicking at the moment because I do believe I'm lagging behind in my musical appreciation, this is a serious part of my existance, what to do to fill this gap, oh ya started playing rugby. But NO! Can't forget the original passion. Anyone got anything worth checking out? Sick of pitchfork so I'm asking a general question to the people of the internet who probably won't, OR can't answer. Whats good in the indie/alternative scene at the moment?

I'll just sit here waiting, listening to the Decemberists until you get your act in gear, ya you unsuspecting blog surfer!


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