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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Work Stuff and such

Today I spend sometime mulling over deployment for vm's to a team of about 30 people. VMware madness is everywhere these days it would seem.

The requirement is to provide XP, Vista, Red Hat and Suse (all 32 and 64bit editions) on demand the team for test purposes.

Fair enough.

Right now, there is a project going on else where, examining the potential of vmware ace. I believe to be a very strong runner. I'm not totally up on how deployment would work with ACE. But from what I've seen, I most say it looks like a very strong candidate.

Right now, I'm looking at an initial test group of 4 people. Going to hit them tomorrow with XP 32bit and Red Hat EL 5 32 bit. I'm not worried at all about the Linux deployment, no need to concern myself with worrying about SIDS, root access was a problem, but we've come to a decent comprise with sudo. I'm pretty happy with that situation.

XP provides a different problem, initially I plan on using a stock syspreped image, which I'll kick off on all the hosts, give unique names, join domain, etc. But for larger deployment, I'm really hoping ACE will provide a better solution.

There are some other issues, that are outstanding, such as the quality of hosts. That's not a fight for this week though, I have another plan to tackle that one. I'm pretty sure the weakest of the hosts are going to be pretty much unusable for Vista 64bit.

Other stuff

One other thing on my mind at the moment is configuring rsync on solaris 8. My solaris skills are untested at best. If anyone reading this can outline a quick and easy setup, please do comment.

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The Filthy Habit

Right here is the plan, I smoke there or there abouts 20 a day. Instead of foolishly going cold turkey, which I should do, I plan on reducing to 15 a day. To achieve this lofty goal I am going cut out the following

  • First thing in the morning smoke, oh I how I'll miss this guy. Get the thoughts all aligned for a day of troubleshooting - 7am
  • Pre breakfast smoke, more of a tradition. This guy I think I'll miss the least - 9.30am
  • Pre lunch smoke another tradition. This time of the day typically comes after meetings about some issue about something that someone has deemed important. 12.30pm
  • Heading some smoke - Its 5pm, the day is officially over. Miss this guy, what usually follows this little ritual is half an hour to 40 minutes of sitting in traffic. Miss you.

That's the plan and if I've achieved this by the end of the month I should have saved about €30. Which I'll probably spend on alcohol. Hmmm, something of a self fulfilling prophecy about this plan.

I really need to start journeying towards quitting so, lets see what happens.

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Give it another lash

Sure why not, its been two years or so since I actually posted here, but you know times have changed and things are different. Personally I feel it is time to give blogging another go.

Lets see, scanning over the older posts things have changed a lot, I'm working in Dublin in a pretty good job, a good job for my ages especially. Living in a nice place, with a few sound lads, but things are generally quiet most of the time. Play a bit of rugby, that's starting again, didn't go training tonight because I was completely wrecked. But mainly my life revolves around work and thinking about work, I'm fairly focused on getting ahead on my career, but know yourself there are the side roads you venture down.

I plan on talking a good bit here, about how I plan on saving cash, its my biggest folly at the moment, make a handy enough wage (could always be better!) but you know I'm not wanting for anything, but I manage with crazy efficiency to plough through what I make. Lets see here

  • Credit Card debt
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Food (I can't cook, lobbing a pizza in the oven for 20 mins doesn't count, so I'm told)
  • Fuel
I figure, if I could get a hold on my credit card, cut the smokes down, eventually quit and manage to sort out my shopping I could save a nice bit of money every month, which I want to put away to apply for a mortgage when this current recession business is over.

Also I'm going to keep a log of couple things that are coming up, I'm going for the VCP in a month and the month after that I'm going for RHCE. These are things I've found scant info, I mean proper useful info, so I'm going to keep my study notes here. If anyone else benefits from them, then great.

Mainly and most honestly of all, I just want to keep a record. It has been an interesting space of time since I last posted here and you know it would have been nice to look back on what was flowing through my head. Ah well.

On we go..

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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Moo Cows are pissed

Well I thought I'd post this video, since its one of my favourite songs from this year and since this year has nearly come to a halt, the time was ripe for compilling lists of stuff I like from this year, in the fine tradition of end of year summerisations.

Happy christmas mountain goats.

On another note

My favourite song right now, Cake Sale, cracker for an album with brilliantly talented people. You gota love this kind of music.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Start, Rewind, loop to the end

Hahaha, Thought I'd start my blog again, just read my last post and to be honest with you that feels like a whole like time ago. Since then I've gone off into the big bad world of permanent employment... handed in my resignation the other day, moving to Dublin in a week and a bit to start a new job. I'm a career bitchin kid now! Outa my way fools!

To be perfectly honest I think I've found a job that I think I launch a career out of and go see a lot of the places in the world I want to see as part of that job. So its win win for everyone. Plus the money is way better.

The last three months have been interesting in the way that I guess I've grown up from being the foolish student, to being the not so serious professional. Its damn weird I wanna go out and go mad as usual but I have that angel on my shoulder going "You got work in the morning you tool".

Anyway, I'm kind of panicking at the moment because I do believe I'm lagging behind in my musical appreciation, this is a serious part of my existance, what to do to fill this gap, oh ya started playing rugby. But NO! Can't forget the original passion. Anyone got anything worth checking out? Sick of pitchfork so I'm asking a general question to the people of the internet who probably won't, OR can't answer. Whats good in the indie/alternative scene at the moment?

I'll just sit here waiting, listening to the Decemberists until you get your act in gear, ya you unsuspecting blog surfer!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back from Merica

Wha, back in Ireland two weeks. Gota get moving again so bored. Its like being stranded on a desert island. Gota get out of this place, if its the last thing I ever do....

Ah well, not that serious but yes I wanna move on again. Travel was great, the states was cool, saw and met some of the nicest and most interesting people I have, well ever met. I dunno what to do next though, kind of need to get a job, want to go to another country, want to do a lot of stuff really, but can't decide on anything concrete. Oh the joys..

Monday, May 15, 2006

Open your eyes

Vanilla sky, legend of a film. No idea why that just randomly popped into my head, probably because it was random, who knows. One exam down, another on wednesday, plenty to do. No too bothered.

At the moment and for the last few weeks I've been going through a Neko Case phase, she is unbelievable, The Fox Confessor will never get old, my favourite album I've listened to so far this year. Started listening to the Dresden Dolls as well, excellent band, strange lyrics, you'll know what I mean if you ever listen to them.

Tempo is building towards next weekend, Munster Munster Munster and Cork playin Clare in the Munster championship semi. A weekend of sport, cannot wait. In other news I hear Barca are playin some game on wednesday that supposed to be important too. Needless to say soccer is a sport that never clicked with me.

Word has it that John Kelly is going to be fit for saturday which plugs our gap in the centre nicely, while not the most spectactular of players, his handling and presense of mind makes him an asset to any team. With any luck the rest of our injuries will have sorted themselves out by saturday.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

In the library

I forgot my ear phones in the libray! Have to focus without music now. Its going to be a long day, all I can hear is people turning pages. I know their up to something!.

The Definition Full Stop

Finally after 5 years, I am at the end of my college experience, 2 weeks, 3 exams and thats it. I will be free, time to start a new chapter. I thought it fitting to start posting here again now because I started this blog around the last period of exams.

Its been a crazy three months, looking back. Mainly highs, going out, going mad. Chasing girls and getting drunk, while doing the odd bit of college work. Heading to the states in about three weeks, for another 3 month stint of mayhem.