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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Stranger Things Have Happened

Its 3.45, 45 minutes until kick off. I realise this more than likely means feck all to most people but Cork v Kerry is a rivalry I grew up with. Oh if we beat them, happy days I can go into work on monday with my head held high and two fingers to everyone that said we'd lose!

Night club last night, well thats a lose way of putting it, a house that charged a tener and played load dance music. It an interesting experience one that I've had enough off but we still go there every weekend, happily I'm living in Dublin at the moment so its not so much of a problem anymore and I'll be back in college in Limerick next month so I suppose going a crap night club with the lads isn't too bad. Got a bit drunk now last night, so I did. I really hate to say "you kind of have to" but its true! I've done the night clubs at home sobre and its rubbish, small town Ireland is such a clique its not even funny. Its nearly impossible to talk to random local without prior approval and all that jazz. So all in all I prefer going out else where.

Electic Picnic next weekend, still have to get tickets! But I got my tent of a mate so I'm all set to go camping in a field for 3 days and listen to the Arcade Fire, Nick Cave, etc. Nice! But the weather is starting to get crappy here. I think if I'm half cut for the whole weekend the weather won't bother me.

Off to watch the match now! Come on the REBELS


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