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Monday, September 01, 2008

Give it another lash

Sure why not, its been two years or so since I actually posted here, but you know times have changed and things are different. Personally I feel it is time to give blogging another go.

Lets see, scanning over the older posts things have changed a lot, I'm working in Dublin in a pretty good job, a good job for my ages especially. Living in a nice place, with a few sound lads, but things are generally quiet most of the time. Play a bit of rugby, that's starting again, didn't go training tonight because I was completely wrecked. But mainly my life revolves around work and thinking about work, I'm fairly focused on getting ahead on my career, but know yourself there are the side roads you venture down.

I plan on talking a good bit here, about how I plan on saving cash, its my biggest folly at the moment, make a handy enough wage (could always be better!) but you know I'm not wanting for anything, but I manage with crazy efficiency to plough through what I make. Lets see here

  • Credit Card debt
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Food (I can't cook, lobbing a pizza in the oven for 20 mins doesn't count, so I'm told)
  • Fuel
I figure, if I could get a hold on my credit card, cut the smokes down, eventually quit and manage to sort out my shopping I could save a nice bit of money every month, which I want to put away to apply for a mortgage when this current recession business is over.

Also I'm going to keep a log of couple things that are coming up, I'm going for the VCP in a month and the month after that I'm going for RHCE. These are things I've found scant info, I mean proper useful info, so I'm going to keep my study notes here. If anyone else benefits from them, then great.

Mainly and most honestly of all, I just want to keep a record. It has been an interesting space of time since I last posted here and you know it would have been nice to look back on what was flowing through my head. Ah well.

On we go..

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