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Monday, August 29, 2005

We Lost :(

Ya we lost, gutted by our performance. Kerry are a better team but we didn't even challenge them after 5 minutes into the first half. So fustrating to watch! Our backs let the Kerry forwards run off them and their half backs ran all over the field freely.

I've decided I'm going to split this blog up into sections from now on, stuff, music, sport etc.


We lost in the football, I don't really want to say anymore about it. We have a young team and should be better next season.

Rugby season is kicking off this weekend, Munster are playing the borders in Thomond Park, won't be able to make the game because I'm heading off to the Electric Picnic, no regrets there. We should hammer The Borders with our internationals back the gap in quality between the sides should be relevent to our distance from the sun. I'm hoping for a good run in the Celtic League this year, it will decide our seeding in the Henieken Cup next season and we're going to have more internationals available so a top 2 finish should be well within our reach.

The word around the place is that fringe players last season have improved a hell of a lot so watch out for Paul Devlin, Jeremy Manning and Ben Martins, also Brian Touhy but apparently his handling isn't up to pace yet. We need an outside centre badly! Trevor Halstead will hopefully break into the side as well and compete with Hendo for the 12 shirt.

All is good on the Hurling front at the moment, Corks are facing off against Galway in the ALL Ireland final on the 11 of september I wasn't that impressed by their victory over Kilkenny in the semi, I don't think they will trouble us. There is no way they will get as much space against us.


Heard an excellent band over the weekend Sia and their song Breathe me, quality tune.

Electric Picnic is on this weekend, heading out camping on friday night with a slab on castlemaine XXXX under one arm, tent in the other! Happy days. Looking forward to seeing the Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips and Doves there are a host of other bands playing but I can't remember half them.

Starting listening to songs that were my favour tunes from last summer, some quality tracks. Belle and Sebastian - I'm a Cuckoo, Devendra Banhart, British Sea Power. Memories of Leeds came flooding back.


Started making in roads in to my final year project, game for a mobile phone. Just got to get around to learning J2ME but knowing me I'll leave it for another month before I go and do anything about it. Got Blender to make my models. It looks savage complicated so if anyone has any advice or anything please do comment. I'll be updating this blog with screen shots and progress reports as this game advances.


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