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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ireland Win, Italy Win Respect

What a poor game of rugby from us yesterday. I think it was worse than the autumn internationals. Eddie O'Sullivan should really hang his head in shame for what he is getting out of this irish team. Which is the most talented bunch of players ever in the green. Italy played their hearts out yesterday and played smart and well, bunching out midfield, rucking quickly and moving the ball around. They were let down by some very poor refereeing.

But what off this expansive game that we're ment to be playing. Its not happening at all. We were far too static and there were no signs of decoy runners to keep the Italian defense guessing, we were predictable and slow. I can't for the life of me find fault in the players, with the exception of Brian O'Driscoll and Malcom O'Kelly everyone else in the team tried to get going. The game plan was wrong and there was no plan B.

Next week we play France and some options must seriously be looked at, bring back Anthony Foley to the backrow, Leamy or Esterby at 6, leave Wallace at 7. D'arcy is getting pounded at 12, Trimble must be considered there! I think full back would be a much better position for him and move Geordan Murphy to the wing, over Tomie Bowe.


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