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Friday, January 27, 2006


I dunno I think I've possibly got a problem, beer. I really like beer. TUBORG is my cheap option of choice, oh my what a beer. Cheap and tasy, what more could a man want. Ya see over the last 2 years beer has been my haven so ya I've a problem. Its where I forget or at least wallow.

Beer wallowing is different to sober wallowing because for me anyway its more reflective. I hate this time of year for a number of reasons that are better discussed in my head with a nice cool beer.

Anyway in other news, there is nothing. Drawing a blank here. Listening to the Decemberists right now and its having a weird effect on me, a mellowing effect. I can't really explain myself properly, you see I'm a very creative person, if I didn't have my imagination I would never have made it this far in life, its a huge escape for me, but on the other side I'm a very practical person. Its a weird combination of traits. Right now at 23 I look back at years wasted and experience gained. I guess it could call everything so far as being two extremes of bitter and sweet.


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