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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Filthy Habit

Right here is the plan, I smoke there or there abouts 20 a day. Instead of foolishly going cold turkey, which I should do, I plan on reducing to 15 a day. To achieve this lofty goal I am going cut out the following

  • First thing in the morning smoke, oh I how I'll miss this guy. Get the thoughts all aligned for a day of troubleshooting - 7am
  • Pre breakfast smoke, more of a tradition. This guy I think I'll miss the least - 9.30am
  • Pre lunch smoke another tradition. This time of the day typically comes after meetings about some issue about something that someone has deemed important. 12.30pm
  • Heading some smoke - Its 5pm, the day is officially over. Miss this guy, what usually follows this little ritual is half an hour to 40 minutes of sitting in traffic. Miss you.

That's the plan and if I've achieved this by the end of the month I should have saved about €30. Which I'll probably spend on alcohol. Hmmm, something of a self fulfilling prophecy about this plan.

I really need to start journeying towards quitting so, lets see what happens.

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