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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Loot at you there up on your hind legs like a Rory Calhoun

Its been an interesting few days, well no sorry its been pretty quiet really. Plans are a foot to go to the electric picnic, no idea how we're getting there yet the plan is to get a train to portlaoise and hopefully there will be a shuttle bus running to stradbally where this thing is on. Really hope things work out that way or we're going to walking with a tent, clothes and beer for about ten miles if its not.


Made it to the Ruby Sessions in Doyles last night, finally. Some really good acts playing,

  • Travega
  • Jamie Lawson
  • Jenny Lindfors - accomplained by Alyanya
  • Paul Wilkes

Really really good, the places is roasting though must remember to wear less next time!


Celtic League starting on Friday! Going to miss the game cause I'll be off in a field watching lost vagueness on friday night. Here is the squad though

S Payne, J Manning, J Kelly, R Henderson, M Lawlor, T Halstead, B Murphy, P Burke, F Murphy, P Stringer, D Ryan, A Foley, D Wallace, D Leamy, F Pucciariello, J Flannery, M Horan, A Quinlan, F Roche, F Sheahan, J O'Sullivan, M O'Driscoll, S Keogh, T Hogan.


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