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Saturday, February 11, 2006


This refers to Irelands performance in the 6 nations today. We gifted France 4 tries. Sure we came back in the second half when France decided to stop playing but thats not the point the game was over and France stopped playing. Changes need to be made to this Irish setup and I would start at the top. In the first half when we had the majority of ball and pressuring the French we came away with nothing. Our line was too flat and static, we played a retired international prop and one of our second rows decided that today was too fine a day for getting stuck in, the big problem there is that MOK thinks most days are too fine to get stuck in.

Its really depressing watching Ireland right now, we have some of the most talented players in world rugby and a coach who would struggle to coach an under age team. Our bench use is also a disgrace, instead of using it for tactical changes during a game its sole purpose is as an incase someone gets injured thing. DOC should have been brought on earlier, along with Best and Trimble. Our 6 nations is over to be honest the trible crown means very little to me, championship or the grand slam.


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