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Friday, September 09, 2005

I have no knees!

Nearly a week since an update, wow I'm a lazy fecker. Whats been happening I hear you ask? Well not to much really been working away nicely, I'm the troll of the server room at the moment installing new HP scum of the earth machines, but there ya go.


Not to much happening on music front really been to busy to go off investigating banks and the like, was at the electric picnic and it was well, electric. Shame I decided to go off on the tare on friday night after staying late, very late in work the same day. Good night friday night though.
Up at 7 the next day and off to Laois. Set up camp and chilled out. Flaming Lips were the highlight! Ye're man crowd surfing in a giant inflatable ball really says it all. Urban Voodoo machine were quiet good as well. They did a very unique cover of the Prodigys "Breathe".


All-Ireland Hurling final this sunday, come on the REBELS. We're going to win I have no more to say about this.

Munster playing the Ospreys tomorrow in Cork should be a very interesting match to say the least. Denis Leamy playing at 12.


I've done feck all.


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