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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Its been a long, long day

Got an hour and half sleep today, after the worst exam ever. But on the plus side the day is pretty much over and I don't think I'm in any state to functon for the remaining few hours.

Got a good bit done for friday, the last exam, thank christ! The work dynamic in the group has changed, we're all in sync after todays disaster. Work Work Work....

I actually could not believe what came up in the exam today it was so horrible, think there is going to be a bit of rebellion now, class rep is going to get the boot and we're going to ask questions of the department. We're final year students and we're pretty much being done over so someone can save face, and another fellow is just being a prick cause we're not arty people, we're becoming scientists you fupping Langer! We give you a straight answer, no bullshit!

Have a really low opinion of academic people right now! Get a real job!

Been completely turned off doing masters, no way I want to spend a year around these bastards.

Right on to more light hearted stuff. Been working on my blog. Getting into this whole thing now, sort of think what I'm going to write during the day. Started adding it to blog search engines and reading up on how to improve you blog, stuff like that. Probably start working on a new template sometime next week, while I'm working on my FYP.

Uh got a notion today to go to UCC rag week, have a place to crash and everything the only thing I'm sort is lots of money. Its tough being a student.

Added myself at Blog Snare. Ya I know the button is crap, I left my artistic skills in the womb! Added myself at a few other places as well. Interested to see how it attracts people.

Listening to the Avalanches right now, memories of summer 4 years ago coming back. God got to get myself some new memories, life has ground to a halt since the christmas holidays. To put it bluntly I'm really really bored. I was so bored last night I made up an 82 song playlist, know christened in my playlist folder as "The study music".


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