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Friday, January 20, 2006

Its late again

Yep, still up. Exam tomorrow. Last exam tomorrow. These are the two must important factors in my life right now, nothing else matters. This will probably be my last post until saturday, plans are afoot to go a bit mad..

Detroit Cobras playing at the moment, always struct me as strange that these guys peck, well at least in this country was a in guiness ad. Quality quality band, how many more good bands can come out of Detroit.

Kind of bored at the moment, I have stuff to do, lots of stuff to do in fact but the motivation is long gone. Don't care anymore to be honest. Instead I'll talk about a film I was watching earlier. The Core. Oh my god, its possibly the worst film I've seen in the last 6 months, and in that time I have seen some mares! Like Dungeon and Dragons! I mean I was watching it and they had this team of scientists trying to figure out how they should explode these bombs. Happy with an idea they put it into the big computer to see how it goes, low and behold the computer goes "Success", well I laughed. You see if the computer knew what it would take to be successfull, why the hell they didn't just get the computer to you know compute the bloody requirements! Feck sake. What a horrible film.

Oh it most certainly is!


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