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Monday, January 23, 2006

Eating Raw Turnip

I am actually, this is something I only do at home. Its one of those things.. Back from college from a few days and the good clothes, snappy nerd look is gone. No more hair jel for a few days, no more shaving, it like running naked in a the wild, which I would never do because its cold this time of year and odds are you'd step on something.

10 Reason Not to Run Naked in the wild!

10. Its Cold!
9. You'll step on something crappy, like crap..
8. You might be seen and unless your the most open minded of people this will embarress you.
7. You will cause old ladies to spill tea and old men to shake fist! In a manner which in their day was in the challenge to fisticuffs!
6. Its a mediterran thing to run around naked, or German, I dunno. But not when your perched at the edge of europe glaring in the vasteness of the Atlantic.
5. We're not a pretty as those Meds. We're not, we're rugged!
4. Running naked at this time of year cause, "members" of our anatomony to retreat northward.
2. Mankind invented clothes thousands of years ago, starting out with the simple leaf, why would we want to regress as a species!
1. Your never going to find anyone hot to run naked with, so might as well be alone, and there is nothing worse in this life than being alone!

Didn't think I'd get ten!

Right I'm back in the coutryside, this is the view from my house.

Ya back home, so I'm slowly devolving into pre-college me. You can tell right now that I'm one big attempt not impress the opposite sex, quiet unkempt and I goddamn like it. Comfy pants, comfy socks and comfy old clothes! I'm feeding my inter hobo. I think everyone wants to be hobo at one point or another.


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