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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another Exam! 8 and a half hours to go

Ya another exam in a few hours, should be ok. Not too excited about it. Its the pre exam calm I have right now, trouble is I always have that right up until I'm handing back the exam paper.

Aimee Mann is my current study music for all interested, was giving Death Cab for Cutie a whirl there a while ago. Study as of now is not happening. New series of 24 started in the states yesterday, only a few weeks till it kicks off over here, can't wait! Heard the new series of the Sopranos is starting in march, so it looks my tuesday nights are covered for the next couple of months. As a friend of mine said. Nothing ever changes. You see we had this tradition when 24 and Sopranos were on tv on the same night, big sit in, cans and good times. Sex and the city got the boot. The girls were not happy..

On the point that nothing ever changes I would disagree, that was 3 years ago girl, right now I'm happy in myself (which was not the case at the time), have a lot of new friends and most importantly, no barriers in my life. Bring on the future I say!

God this Aimee Mann is good stuff, how she isn't more, I mean much more famous I don't know. Uh Gemma Hayes is playing in Dolans next month and by god she is hot and talented, a leathal combination, I am most certaintly going to be there! Right back to this graphics crap.

You know I thought graphics would be interesting, but its not, well not when your limited to using the basic JAVA2D library. Oh creativity was given the bullit this semester.


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