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Monday, January 16, 2006

Look! The bog is on fire!

Uh 8 hours sleep, that was nice. Now my sleeping pattern is out the window, oh well. Plenty time to work on getting it back to the normal, suns gone away should go sleepy.

Decided to starting listening to Hot Hot Heat again. Quality happy album, haven't given it a listen in a while. You know it was one of those albums last year that I over played and got bored off. Think I'll have a listen to the decemberists next. Should take me right back to march last year.

Been thinking lately about all the games I used to play. Haven't really had time to play games anymore, which is a sad thing. Next year will ressume my conquest of virtual worlds. Now thats wrong in 6 months when I'm finished college and finished dossing around the place on my last free summer until I retire and wait to die. Depressing isn't it. Haven't a clue what I'm going to do after college been thinking about going into IT but I dunno, I think I have the interest levels to find maintaining servers interesting on a daily basis. Must come up with an idea to make money fast. Kidney anyone?

Anyway back to what I was saying. Was thinking about the point and click games I used to play back in the day. The lucasarts classics! Monkey Island Series, Sam n Max, Day on the Tenticle and so on. God those games were pure brilliance and they still have that ability to pull me into their crazy worlds whenever I get the notion to play them again. You see I won't really call them games, more a scattered storyline were you got to find the plot. "A yes a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle just the thing I need to get across to that island". Pure maddness. When I was a kid I thought Melee Island would be coolest place in the world to live. I don't think I was far wrong. Anyway to the guys that made these games and made my younger years far more enjoyable and are probably responsible for the half the rubbish I talk about, I saluate you! Anyone interested in these games and other adventure games from that time should check out mixnmojo.

Further more, I want to talk about Munster! Ya the greatest rugby team on the planet. In my humble opinion. You see to me Munster are class, they might not have the world class backs for other teams or the resources but as a team they are more embedded into the community than any other professional outfit I've come across. Last friday they beat Castre in Castre, not a full strength Castre side but beating a french team on french soil by a record amount of trys is not an easy feat. These guys were slated earlier in the year for playing 8 man rugby and not having the backs to pull of the moves that would split open a defense. Well we do and we're getting better. Watch out Sale, we've got a 4 try target next weekend and a win by more than 20 points. We're going to whoop ya! For match reports on the game last friday have a look at google news.


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