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Monday, January 16, 2006


Well glad thats over, unreal. Haven't slept properly in about 2 months now and I'm in pieces here. Exam was ok nothing special, loads of questions about the bloody "user" I hate that guy and apparently a lot of people think him an idiot.

So whats been happening lately, not to much, I decided to add some goggle ads to the blog see if I can generate some revenue, being a poor student and all that. So don't be afraid to go off clicking on stuff and installing firefox. Not going to go crazy with the ads just one or two, a search box and an install firefox. See what happens.

Anyway its been quiet a while since I updated this thing so I might as well let anyone who is interested know whats been going on over the last couple of months, nearly 4 at this stage. The big one would be coming back to college, which was nice. Its a bit of blur at this stage. Crazy nights out and easy on the study, you know yourself.

Been putting a lot of thought in my fyp (final year project) and its going nicely workiny away on my network side of things and should get on to implementing a GUI in the next two weeks, starting working on the graphics then. I'm making a game for a mobile phone, if I haven't said that already. Looking forward to getting stuck into the proper coding, soon. Planning phase is doing my nut in.

Other than that I dunno. In the middle of exams. 2 down 2 to go. Next two I'm not too exciting about graphics and software quality. Its not easy!

Going to be some session when its all over, I can tell you know.

On the music front, been listening to
We are Scientists

Whom I like. Also started listening to the concretes again, brilliant swedish band. Brings back some great and no so great memoirs.


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